Strength Based Mental Health

What is strength based mental health?

In a nutshell, it’s focussing on growing and building what are often referred to as soft skills that have been demonstrated as an asset in supporting overall health. Mental health issues are on the rise and there is a strong focus placed on the many different diagnoses that are affecting millions and rightfully so. Looking at mental health from a strength based approach teaches techniques to foster resilience, optimism, grit, a positive self-image, mindfulness and healthy self-esteem while acknowledging the barriers and limitations that mental health issues can create. Mieka has created an 8-week protocol for adults, youth and athletes. In these programs participants are taught science based tools to strengthen the “soft-skills” that research demonstrates are key factors in helping to cope and thrive when dealing with mental health issues or life in general.

Please Note: This program is NOT designed to replace the advice and care of a professional therapist or physician.

Childrens mental health and wellbeing

Healthy Minds, Happy Kids

This program is designed to give kids the tools needed to develop the strength and personal skill set required to foster a healthy sense of self.

Developed from evidence-based research this incredibly successful program uses a blend of mindfulness, meditation, psychology and yoga philosophy creating a profoundly empowering experience. Throughout this 8-week period topics covered include, growth mindset, stress management and self-regulation.

Happy You

Healthy Minds, Happy You

This program is geared towards adults and offers immediate implementable strategies that can be applied at home, at work anywhere to help them with overcoming adversity, addressing challenges and managing the daily stresses of life.

Over the 8-week course topics such as optimism as a success strategy, stress management, health and well-being and resilience will be covered.

Happy Athletes

Healthy Minds, Happy Athletes

This program addresses the challenges and specific mindset qualities that are required for athletes.

Developed from evidence based research the healthy minds, happy athletes program teaches tools for confidence, focus, grit and resilience