Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Mieka’s powerful delivery style is a sheer asset in any corporate setting.

She has had the privilege of delivering her workshops to a multitude of corporations, leaving employees with implementable strategies for success as well as feeling motivated and empowered to handle stress.

Her workshops are a truly unique and unforgettable experience adding value to any employee experience.

Corporate team workshops

Topics Include...

Mieka Forte Corporate Workshops

Easy, actionable steps for ensuring workplace wellbeing.

In this workshop, we breakdown how to build a sense of wellbeing into our regular workday. So many people struggle with trying to prioritize their health and managing their stress. Mieka will introduce your staff to simple actionable steps that they can implement right away. When health and wellbeing are a priority productivity goes up, sick days go down and overall employee retention improves.

Learning Objectives:

  • Simple healthy daily habits to combat stress.
  • How to introduce and maintain these healthy habits without being overwhelmed
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Simple exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere
Fostering Happy

Fostering Happiness-How to create more happiness in day to day life both at work and at home.

Studies are consistently being released around the multitude of benefits connected to a positive mindset.

Participants will learn evidence based research and tools around how to experience more positivity and happiness on a daily basis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evidenced based research on the benefits of happiness
  • Science backed implementable tools for fostering happiness
  • Leadership skills on how to create a positive workspace
  • Mindset and mindfulness skills for creating neuropathways geared towards positivity
Resilience workshop

How to bend without breaking-developing resilience and the ability to overcome challenges.

Adversity and challenges are common in both life and the workplace. Having the skillset to be able to both manage and overcome challenges is an incredibly beneficial attribute and can often be the breaking point to success or not. In this workshop learn science backed tools and skills that can be applied immediately to develop the qualities of being able to bend and not break.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evidence based research on the qualities attributing to resilience.
  • Daily habits and practices for building resilience.
  • Mindset practices for overcoming failure and allowing for growth.