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Teacher and Motivational Speaker

Mieka is a teacher and motivational speaker, who specializes in resilience, happiness and stress management.

Her passion lies with teaching others how to bridge the gap between operating in a world dictated by success that is often measured by numbers, or specific accomplishments and with being a human being who needs a sense of purpose, connection and wants to feel happy. Meaning, her mission is to support you in pursuing your goals and dreams while allowing your inner activist, inner creative being, inner teacher, inner whoever is desperate to also be seen, heard, accepted and loved, to be a part of who you are each and every day because when we do this, the bi-product is happiness.

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Career, Life and Family

For more than two decades, Mieka Forte has helped clients and corporations foster more happiness and less stress at work, at home
and within themselves. Influenced by her degree in kinesiology, studies in psychology and yoga training, her aim is to guide people to overcome adversity and challenges to live their best life.

As a teacher and motivational speaker, Mieka specializes in mindfulness, resilience, happiness, strength-based mental health
strategies and stress management. Her work is dedicated to teaching others to bridge the gap between a world dictated by success and
accomplishments and being a human in need of a sense of purpose.

Having worked in health and wellness for over 20 years, Mieka has presented to a number of prestigious organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Society, Starwood Hotels, TD, RBC , Lululemon and The Momprenuer Conference. She has worked with many athletes ranging from youth to professional-level athletes as well as individuals struggling with chronic illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia. Mieka also brings her powerful messaging and teachings to schools, working with both middle and high school students as well as, parents. Mieka is married to her best friend and soulmate. They live in Ontario, Canada with their two full-of-life energetic sons, a cat who doesn’t know he’s a cat and two Labrador retrievers.

About Mieka

Strength Based Mental Health

In 2015 Mieka felt so confident in her understanding of choosing happy she began to write her book with the intention of launching in one year. However, life would have a different plan and more learning in choosing happy would need to be done. Mieka’s husband began to suffer from severe panic attacks and was diagnosed with anxiety. Witnessing the profound impact her husband’s anxiety had on him and trying to be the best support possible as he fought and worked so unbelievably hard to find his way was excruciatingly difficult and incredibly inspiring. Choosing happy would take on an entirely different meaning and understanding. As her husband’s health began to improve both Mieka and her husband’s awareness of the importance of strength based mental health strategies were solidified. 

In 2017 Mieka would begin her Masters in Counselling and Psychology and partner with a physician to create the healthy Minds, Happy You program. Mieka has also created a DVD in her signature choosing happy Vinyasa Yoga style and has finally finished her book that is due to be launched early 2019.