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Are your life challenges running the show?

Do you ever wonder how it all got so heavy, stressful or overwhelming?

Struggles in life can be all-consuming. But as difficult as they can seem, somewhere in the complicated mess of it all, happiness does still exist. Finding and reconnecting with happiness can feel impossible, awkward and meant for everyone else except you. Yet what is important to remember is your ability to live your version of a happy life absolutely is possible.

In The Many Sides of Happy, author and speaker Mieka Forte blends scientific happiness research with real-life, tried-and-tested scenarios from her own experiences and from teaching happiness workshops to thousands of people. This book provides tools for you to practice, known to achieve positive results. It will help you access your inner wisdom to see past your current circumstances and be able to live out a happy life. You will also find guidance to help you heal, overcome hard times in life and ultimately find your inner happy.

Frankly, you deserve to be happy. It is possible. Deep digging and hard work may be required, but happiness is available for you.