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Mieka is an educational, entertaining, personal and inspiring speaker. She combines her 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, positive psychology, life lessons of being a mother, wife and cancer survivor into a multitude of incredibly powerful talks.

Her passion and enthusiasm for leading a happy and successful life is contagious and practical. You will walk away feeling empowered and uplifted, with tools for immediate action.

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Resilience and Grit… Grislience

In this dynamic talk Mieka shares her personal experiences of overcoming adversity and educates participants on evidence based strategies to develop the capacity to “bend without breaking”. Practical, actionable tools you can apply to face challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Bring awareness to your ability to not only face challenges but overcome them
  • 10 simple evidence-based steps you can take today to foster resilience
  • Be inspired and motivated to move beyond your biggest challenges
  • Take your personal power back from fears that may hold you back
  • Learn to shift failure into growth
Public speaker

Choosing Happy

Mieka uses her powerful storytelling skills and expert knowledge in the field of happiness to teach participants how they can implement practical tools immediately to foster more happiness in their lives. Or as she states can begin “choosing happy”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Daily actionable life habits for fostering more happiness
  • Evidence based tools for increasing happiness
  • How to create a personal sense of purpose
  • Connecting to your own definition of happiness

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