Are you awake?

Are you awake?

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Have you ever met that person and really I am assuming here we all have.

The person who YOU can see how much potential, opportunity, possibility for love and gifts they have but no matter what they can not.

Insight and intelligence comes from all of the things they create yet somehow, they continue to sabotage any possibility of it turning into something positive. It’s almost like when a situation does go wrong they look at you and say “I told you so, this is just the way it goes for me”.

It’s amazing because for most of us we want to shake this person and say “WAKE UP”…can’t you see how beautiful, loveable, funny etc you are? We want to scream “why can’t you allow yourself to be seen, heard, loved, happy, fulfilled?”.

Now what if you crossed out the you and replaced it with an I. I need to “WAKE UP”, I can allow myself to be feel beautiful, heard, loved, happy and fulfilled.

Throughout all of our lives we have been compared to so many things and if it didn’t “measure up” then perhaps we are just less than. Realistically though who gets to decide how to measure when you deserve to be heard, loved etc.

The answer to that is you not anyone else. The reality is simply by being alive means you deserve to be loved, you deserve to laugh, you deserve to have dreams and of course you deserve to be happy.

So the next time you want to give someone a shake for not having the clarity to see the amazing being in front them. Ask yourself what part of my being am I denying/hiding/shaming and maybe give that part a shake. When you start to show up and experience all the gifts within you others will do the same. Yes life will pull it’s fast ones and throw it’s curve balls. However, instead of expecting the negative and assuming life is out to get us.

We can realize that life is on our side, helping us to learn the lessons that will help us shine even brighter…should we choose to wake that side ourselves up.